Stuck at home Ideas

Quarantine Time Doesn’t Have To Be A Bad Time

by Mirian Umana

Stuck at home

So here you are, stuck at home for at least 14 days, maybe even longer. At this point you are probably thinking “this is going to be a long 14 days”, but your quarantine time does not have to be a bad time. Let’s take this moment to look on the bright side! Surely we all have that gardening project we’ve been thinking about starting but we just “don’t have the time. Well I got news for ya! Your schedule has just cleared up and you got time!

Free time ideas

With all this free time we have acquired there is an infinite amount of things you can cross off your to-do list! Now is the perfect time to read that book you haven’t had time to start or binge watch that Netflix series everyone has been talking about. If you are anything like me and celebrity news is your guilty pleasure, you are probably tuning into KUBE57 at 2pm to catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip on Access Daily. Or maybe you’ve been catching the Rachel Ray show at 3pm for new dinner ideas! My late night go to right now is Family Guy at 9pm and I end my night with King of Queens at 10pm.

Take care of yourself

This newly found free time can also serve as a time to take your personal health into consideration. Start that new skin care routine you’ve been wanting to start, or have your morning cup of coffee on your patio while you enjoy some alone time. Remember that of all the things you need or want to do, your sanity is super important! Also don’t forget to wash your hands and stay home! Take this time to get creative and try to see the positive impacts this crisis has brought.

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