King of Queens Supreme

King of Queens

Kevin James

Reigns Supreme!

When ‘King of Queens’ began its run in 1998, James was a relatively unknown stand-up comedian who had had a few stints on TV, starting with ‘New Candid Camera’ in 1991 and appearing on talk shows such as ‘The Tonight Show’ and ‘Late Night with David Letterman.’


Some fun facts about James:

· While in high school, James was ranked as the best wrestler in his school, one spot ahead of WWE star Mick Foley, with whom he still friends.

· Gary Valentine, who played Doug’s cousin Danny in ‘King of Queens,’ is his older brother.

· He is married to Steffiana De La Cruz, who had several guest appearances on ‘King of Queens,’ including Doug’s fantasy hair cutter in the episode ‘Affair Trade.’

· James played his ‘King of Queens’ character in four shows: ‘King of Queens,’ ‘Everybody Loves Raymond,’ ‘Cosby,’ and ‘Becker.’

· He played fullback on Cortland University’s football team while attending school there.

· In ‘King of Queens,’ Doug’s parents’ names, Janet and Joe, are James’ real life parents’ names.

· His sister, Leslie, works for him.

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