Do you love jewelry and gemstones? How they make you feel? We do! In fact, we love it so much we build a network around it. Dedicated to bringing you extraordinary products and prices. If you love jewelry we think you’ll love us. Find jewelry tv over the air on channel 57.8, Comcast channel 18 or 174, Uverse channel 56 or 59, Directtv channel 72 and channel 83 on Dish!


JTV (Jewelry Television®) is the leading retailer of jewelry and gemstones in the United States. With a proven 24-year history, JTV leverages an omni-digital strategy designed to elevate the customer experience through holistic, digitally-driven touch points, including live TV programming, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to 85 million U.S. households, an industry leading mobile optimized e-commerce platform, and a robust and engaging social media presence.

As part of its commitment to customer satisfaction and the development and distribution of educational content, the company employs numerous Graduate Gemologists and Accredited Jewelry Professionals. is one of the largest jewelry e-commerce websites in the country according to Internet Retailer’s Top 500 list for 2015. For more information, visit and JTV’s social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.