Houston Dynamo, playing at Real Salt Lake Saturday at 8:30 on KUBE 57

With this Saturday’s match against Real Salt Lake (Latin for “can’t kick the ball without wincing”), KUBE’s research department decided to scour the four corners in search of facts that, we hope, have remained relatively unknown— until now… (cue bombastic orchestral music)

  • The Houston Dynamo were founded in 1874, shortly after the current construction on the Gulf Freeway began.
  • ‘Dynamo’ was not the first choice for the team’s name. They were originally going to go by “Cowboys” but an upstart ballerina company in Dallas had already taken it.
  • To adjust to the altitude difference between Houston and high-altitude cities like Salt Lake City, the players wear really, really, REALLY tall platform shoes a few days prior to the match.
  • Coach Barret’s coaching style is called “Score More Goals than the Other Team.”

So maybe we took some liberty with our list, but finally, it’s a fact that KUBE will be showing the match between our Dynamo and Real Salt Lake at 8:30. Join us for our pre-game show at 8 and make a night of it! Brought to you by Xfinity, Hilton Furniture and Bonobos!

Written By Kevin Scott

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