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Where To Get Free Pretzels in Houston for #NationalPretzelDay

National Pretzel Day began in 2003 when Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell declared April 26 “National Pretzel Day” to acknowledge the importance of the pretzel to the state’s history and economy. Now the day is recognized in most states across the United States, here’s where to get your free pretzel in Houston, Texas:

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How To Throw The Perfect Dynamo Watch Party

There’s NOTHING like a Houston Dynamo game. Whether you’re watching at the BBVA Stadium, a local bar or from home, the excitement is sure to get to you. If you’re planning to play host...


Doris Roberts of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Has Passed

We are sad to learn that the great Doris Roberts passed away on Sunday, April 17th.

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Rewind: Dynamo vs Crew SC

This Saturday, April 23rd 2016, Dynamo will head to Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio to play Crew SC in a match that will be aired on KUBE TV. Last year, the Houston Dynamo kicked off the 2015 MLS season...

Episode Guide

Bob’s Burgers – I Get Psy-chic Out of You

Synopsis: Linda is believed to be a psychic when she correctly predicts that a telemarketer is calling the restaurant.

Episode Guide

Community – Intro to Knots

Synopsis: Jeff organizes a holiday gathering at his apartment and Annie secretly invites Professor Cornwallis, to get in his good graces. When the crew learns that Professor Cornwallis intends to give...

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Recap: Joe Willis of Houston Dynamo at Xfinity

The KUBE team ditched the office/studio this week to film SportsZone Unfiltered at XFINITY and hang out with Joe Willis of the Houston Dynamo.

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Experience The Houston Dynamo on KUBE TV

The Houston Dynamo will face Columbus Crew SC on April 23rd. The game will be aired on KUBE TV, Channel 57 in Houston. Check out our Gameday Guide below for everything you need to know!

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King Of Queens – Mild Bunch

Synopsis: Doug attends his high school reunion and bumps into, Jeff Sussman, an old classmate who is now a vice principal, and they seek to plot revenge on their principal. Meanwhile, Carrie and Arthur...

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Seinfeld – The Puffy Shirt

Synopsis: Kramer’s girlfriend, who designs clothes and talks very low, asks Jerry to wear one of her new puffy pirate shirts on a Today Show appearance he is making. George becomes a hand model.