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Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen: M*A*S*H* Finale to Air on MeTV on Veteran’s Day

Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen: M*A*S*H* Finale to Air on MeTV on Veteran’s Day
What do the city of Katy and a comedy/drama about a MASH unit in Korea have in common? To the naked eye, not much. To the clothed eye, well, still not much. But that’s never stopped me from pretending that two totally different things do, in fact, have many similarities.
Both have the letter ‘a’ in their name… AND IN BOTH INSTANCES THE ‘A’ IS THE SECOND LETTER. Coincidence? Okay, yeah, it is. BUT STILL… (cue ‘Twilight Zone’ theme)
And each depends on the other. You’re probably thinking, What is this bizarre voodoo of which you speak? Aye, cher, it’s rather simple: The city of Katy is sponsoring this 3-hour special featuring the highest rated episode of any television show finale EVER, with additional behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, on Veteran’s Day (November 11th) starting at 6 PM on 57.4 (over the air) and on xfinity channel 311. Without the show, there is no special sponsored by the fine folks of the city of Katy; likewise, without the city of Katy, there is no M*A*S*H* finale with bonus features airing FOR FREE on Veteran’s Day.
A dictionary definition of the term ‘symbiotic relationship’ if ever there was one.
Rescue yourself from ordinary TV on Veteran’s Day and salute the fine folks of the city of Katy, TX, as they bring you “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen,” complete with bonus material, starting at 6 PM on MeTV!
In all seriousness, the horrors and tragedies of war in no way resemble anything other than the horrors and tragedies of war. The sacrifices of all who served are acknowledged and respected. But if I can bring a smile to anyone who endured that trying time, well, mission accomplished on my end— it truly is the least I can do. And a big THANK YOU to each person who has or ever will answer the call to serve our country.
The Mash Finale is brought to you by The City of Katy!

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Written by Kevin Scott.

Houston DynamoSports

It’s Gameday!

Today is the day! Be sure to tune into KUBE at 8PM to watch Houston Dynamo take on Real Salt Lake at the Rio Tinto Stadium in Utah.

Thanks to our friends at Xfinity, Bonobos and Hilton Furniture for making this possible!

Houston DynamoSports

Kickin’ Foods for the Dynamo Game: Real Salt Lake Saturday at 8:30 on KUBE 57

As the workweek mercifully comes to a close (unless you are a KUBE employee, in which case you are in mourning that you have two days without working), it’s time to start planning this weekend’s activities, especially when it comes to food options. And unless you haven’t noticed, this weekend has a few sports games on TV, not the least of which is our Dynamo facing Real Salt Lake in Utah at 8:30 this Saturday night on KUBE. (Don’t forget to start the night early by tuning into the pre-game show at 8!) So go grab an apron and let’s get started on planning a few easy-to-make snacks that will get you through the Dynamo game.

As a culinary genius, I am often sought out to offer advice and tips on the right foods for the right occasions. That’s not exactly 100% true. I have no cooking skills, save for boiling, reheating, and barbequing. And no one asks me for any hints as to what to serve with what. HOWEVER, I have a blog post to write so let’s pretend I am not a future contestant on “Worst Cooks in America.”

First off, this is Houston. In Houston we love our Mexican food and other than French toast, no Mexican food is easier to prepare while providing a complex array of sensual delights for game day than nachos. Chips, cheese, salsa, and whatever other ingredients gives your belly a smile. Lay the chips down as the base, pile on the cheese, sprinkle or drown the mass with your favorite salsa, nuke it, and chow down. Just respect the rule of the nucleus chip (See ‘King of Queens’ for clarification).

Another snack food that is both simple and tasty is good ol’ fashioned hot dogs. Boil or grill some wieners (microwaving them is sacrilege), heat up some buns, top with mustard/relish/chili/bbq/another hot dog, and you are in tailgating heaven in your own home. NOTE: It is against federal law to apply ketchup (or catsup, si vous préférez) to any food falling under the ‘hot dog’ umbrella. Doing so is punishable by up to a lifetime of shame and ridicule by friends and family and me.

Speaking of Thai food, another Houston food tradition is bbq. We love our brisket here, so if you have about 12 hours to spare prior to game time, smoke one and enjoy it during the game, after the game, as a midnight snack, for breakfast… Ahem. Other options include ribs, chicken, sausage, pork— whatever your slow smokin’ heart desires. (Definitions of the ‘bbq’ and ‘grilling’ and ‘smoking’ and ‘buying take out’ differ, but for my purpose, it’s all bbq.)

Finally, don’t forget the light snacks between the main dishes to keep your metabolism crying and your tummy smiling. A friend’s son is fond of sunflower seeds while watching soccer. It seems that boys of today are not that different than boys when I was his age: They like to spit, and sunflower seeds provide a tasty vessel for just that. Other items, such as chips and salsa (leave enough for nachos), cookies, snack mixes, etc., also are perfect in-between noshes.

Whatever your stomach and your kitchen come up with, make sure the main course is Dynamo vs. Real Salt Lake at 8:30 on KUBE, brought to you by Xfinity, Hilton Furniture and Bonobos. And don’t forget our pre-game show at 8, which will give you everything you need to know about the match and how to use this one weird trick that the banks don’t want you to know about to make money.*

* By ‘how to use this one weird trick that the banks don’t want you to know about to make money ,’ I mean if you ARE gonna smoke a brisket, send me some. Oh, one final tip: Anything can be made better by adding bacon, especially when the food you’re adding it to is bacon.

Written by Kevin Scott

Houston DynamoSports

Rewind: Watch Houston Dynamo vs Real Salt Lake

This Saturday, Houston Dynamo will be heading to Rio Tinto Stadium in Utah to take on Real Salt Lake. The last time these two matched up, Dynamo came out with a 1-0 victory. Watch the highlights from the game below.

Houston DynamoSports

Houston Dynamo, playing at Real Salt Lake Saturday at 8:30 on KUBE 57

With this Saturday’s match against Real Salt Lake (Latin for “can’t kick the ball without wincing”), KUBE’s research department decided to scour the four corners in search of facts that, we hope, have remained relatively unknown— until now… (cue bombastic orchestral music)

  • The Houston Dynamo were founded in 1874, shortly after the current construction on the Gulf Freeway began.
  • ‘Dynamo’ was not the first choice for the team’s name. They were originally going to go by “Cowboys” but an upstart ballerina company in Dallas had already taken it.
  • To adjust to the altitude difference between Houston and high-altitude cities like Salt Lake City, the players wear really, really, REALLY tall platform shoes a few days prior to the match.
  • Coach Barret’s coaching style is called “Score More Goals than the Other Team.”

So maybe we took some liberty with our list, but finally, it’s a fact that KUBE will be showing the match between our Dynamo and Real Salt Lake at 8:30. Join us for our pre-game show at 8 and make a night of it! Brought to you by Xfinity, Hilton Furniture and Bonobos!

Written By Kevin Scott

Houston DynamoSports

Houston Dynamo, playing at Real Salt Lake Saturday at 8:30 on KUBE

The sun is blazing in Houston, and the Dynamo are fired up and ready to turn up the heat on Real Salt Lake in their third match this season! The Dynamo won the last meeting and are looking to make it two in a row against RSL. Tune into the KUBE 57 on Saturday at 8:30 pm (pregame 8pm) to enjoy all the hot action at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah, from the comfort of your couch. Pretty cool, huh? Brought to you by Xfinity, Hilton Furniture and Bonobos!

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 Written by Kevin Scott


Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure

The annual Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure will be taking place October 1st, 2016.

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® Series is the world’s largest and most successful education and fundraising event for breast cancer ever created.

The event raises significant funds and awareness for the breast cancer movement, celebrates breast cancer survivorship and honors those who have lost their battle with the disease.

This Race is unique in the fact that 100% of the net proceeds are allocated to our mission. 75 percent of the net income stays in our community to help fund local programs offering breast health education and breast cancer screening and treatment. The remaining 25 percent of the net income supports the Susan G. Komen® Grants Program.

The breast cancer awareness walk has raised over $130 millions for the cause.

Join the warriors in pink at Sam Houston Park!


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2016 Thursday Night Showdown Schedule

Thursday Night Showdown is back! This year, Todd Freed of The High School SportsZone will take you around Houston with the best of the best of high school football.

View the TNS Schedule below:


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Where to Spend Your Last Weeks of Summer

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There’s only a few weeks left before Summer is over and school is back in session. That doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Here’s our list of places to visit before Summer is behind us.

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5 Places To Stay Cool In Houston

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